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Our Story

LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange. We give you access to institutional liquidity with products you can’t get anywhere else.

Our first product is warrants, issued on top crypto assets like BTC, ETH and XRP. LXDX warrants help investors amplify gains on price moves with smaller upfront commitments, and for the first time, short sell volatility products when the market is expected to remain calm.

LXDX uses Smart Routing and our proprietary Warp Core matching engine to secure the best-priced trades across all exchanges, period. Ultra-low latencies in the single digit microseconds or less for full system in-and-out execution facilitate the tightest available bid-ask spreads on the market today. Perhaps most importantly, our software runs on our proprietary hardware with both Level 3 market data distribution and support for co-location. This means that individual users can execute millions of trades per second across thousands of pairs, even during bull runs.

LXDX was developed by a team with decades of experience building trading infrastructure for traditional capital markets, at places like DRW, Tower Research and Laurion Capital. Our mission is to bring innovative financial products to retail crypto investors, providing access to the same speed and scalability that institutional investors already depend on us to deliver each and every day. With LXDX, retail investors on our platform get all the advantages of institutional-grade tech and security without bearing any of the cost.

We do not socialize losses, and we don’t engage in auto deleveraging. Individual investors shouldn’t have to bear the burden of collective risk.

LXDX operates out of Malta. For more information, please visit:

LXDX. Maximize your Potential.


Joshua Greenwald

Joshua Greenwald

Chief Executive Officer

For over a decade Josh has been head of desk and/or a major participant in algo trading businesses. He led an equities group at DRW before running research for Asia and heading up KOSPI trading. Josh founded Greenlight Trading and later ran high frequency for Laurion Capital Shanghai before working on automation and propulsion at SpaceX.

Will Roman

Will Roman

Chief Operating Officer

Will has spent fifteen years building digital product companies and consulting with Silicon Valley startups on user experience and customer development. Will most recently built the Solutions team at Parsable, selling and deploying global companies such as Schlumberger, Nestle, and Larry Page’s flying car company, Kitty Hawk. He was previously Head of UX for a Google Ventures project and lead product management of the platforms at OwnLocal that processed a billion events monthly.

Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas

Chief Technology Officer

Steven recently led Performance Engineering at Tower Research Capital. He worked with both John and Josh at Greenlight where he led the most advanced projects at the firm. Before joining the high frequency world, Steven spent a decade in information security, including the development of a custom hardware solution for high performance nationstate-secure encryption.

John Hazen

John Hazen

Chief Financial Officer

John has over twelve years of experience building high frequency trading operations in cash, futures, and options products in equities, fixed income, FX, and commodities on over 30 exchanges worldwide. He wrote and headed the group that developed DRW’s highly successful low latency market-making system mentioned in Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys. He later co-founded Greenlight Trading with Josh before running high frequency trading of millions of options on 4500+ tickers across 20+ US equity and equity option venues for Grace Hall Trading, a member of Simplex Investments.